Feed, Equine & Livestock

In this department we have a nice selection of Purina/Land-O-Lakes Livestock, Horse, Sheep, Goat, Swine, and Poultry feeds. We also have minerals, lick tubs, and salts for your livestock.

Whether you have just a few animals for a small urban hobby farm or you operate a large commercial farm with tremendous flocks and herds. We have what you need for all your livestock, come see what we carry!

You can also order baby chicks, ducks, geese, and pheasant from us. We order them from Hoovers Hatchery and they come to the store for your pickup. If you have questions on order poultry, please call Carla at 320-685-8651. 

We have a bag delivery and we can also mix and grind your feed for your cattle and deliver it. If you have questions on this service or the feeds, please call Ralph or Robert in the Feed Department at 320-685-8651. 

We Carry The Following:

  • Purina 
    • Horse Feed
    • Chicken Feed
    • Deer Feed
    • Sheep Feed
    • Rabbit Food
    • Goat Feed
    • Lamb Feed
    • Calf Starter
    • Cattle Mineral
    • Steakmaker
    • Show Cattle Feeds
  • Mazuri
    • Rat & Mouse Diet
    • Pig Feed
    • Llama Feed
  • Heim’s:
    • Alfalfa Pellets
    • Timothy Pellets
    • Pig Grower Pellets
  • Land O' Lakes
    • Calf Milk Replacer
  • Custom Made Feed
    • Cold Spring Custom Calf
    • Cold Spring Custom Hog
    • Cold Spring Custom Layer
  • 50lb Bags
    • Whole Corn
    • Cracked Corn
    • Oats


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